About Salam Mobile


Say goodbye to complicated plans and big promises.

And say hello to simple choices and the fairest deals.


We’re Salam Mobile (Integrated Telecom Mobile Company), Saudi Arabia’s new mobile service. We believe that everyone is unique. That everyone can make a difference. That’s why in a world full of sameness, we’ve created a mobile service that gives you the power to be you, easily and seamlessly, with plans so simple all you have to do is choose your plan … and just be you.

We are young, but wise beyond our years.

Our parent company, Salam, has been connecting businesses, government institutions, neighborhoods, and homes since 2005 as one of Saudi Arabia’s leading telecom companies with one of the region’s most established networks.


Now, with Salam Mobile, we’re proud to make a difference as a 100% home-grown Saudi mobile carrier proudly inspired by Saudi Arabia’s Generation Now.

Why Salam?

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