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Activate SIM Card

Not only your purchases of SIM cards are available through our application and website, but also you can activate them through these two portals. This will require minimal effort and simple steps. You can activate your SIM card instantly through MySalam app or Salam Mobile website. All you need is having your ID number, email address and password ready and you are set to go. If you have already purchased your SIM from any Salam store, it will be activated and it is not necessary to activate it online.

To start activating your SIM through Salam Mobile website, Click here
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Activate your number instantly

To activate your number, all you need is your ID/Iqama number, email address and password — and you are good to go.

Buy a SIM and activate instantly

You can purchase a SIM in the app and on our website — and activate it instantly in a few simple steps.
If you purchased your SIM in the store, your number is already activated and ready to go.

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Receive your SIM Card at home or pick it up from one of our stores

Just register on the My Salam app or on our website, and receive your SIM card at home within two working days. You can also pick it up at the nearest Salam Mobile store.

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