APN Setting Guide

The APN settings on your mobile phone needs to be correct to be able to access the internet on Salam mobile network. Choose your phone type and follow the steps to set it up correctly.

Here are the APN settings for your phone.


Android APN settings:

      1. Go to Settings and click on Connections
      2. Click on Mobile Networks
      3. Click on Access Point Name
      4. Click on Add
      5. Enter following details:
        1. Name: salam
        2. APN: salam
      6. Select salam and the settings will be saved and ready for use


IOS APN Settings:

      1. Go to Settings
      2. Click on Cellular
      3. Click on Cellular Data Network
      4. Under Cellular Data, enter following details:
        1. APN: salam
        2. Username:
        3. Password:
      5. Settings will be saved and service is ready for use

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