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A. How and when is my iPhone going to get delivered?

B. Your iPhone will be delivered directly to your home free of charge, kindly include your address and we will deliver it within 2 to 3 working days, depending on the region.


Q: Does the retailor finance product require changing my salary payroll to a specific bank?

A: No, it is not a requirement. You can benefit from the product without changing the salary payroll bank.


Q: When can I use my voucher with the merchant?

A: Straight after the approval for the request order and signing the contract, the voucher will appear and you can use it in the merchant or in the online store for the merchant.


A. How can I pay my monthly installments?

B. Emkan will generate a SADAD number for the monthly installments. The monthly installments will be on 27th from every month for the whole tenure you will receive it via SMS.


Q: How can I know if my company is from the approved employer list or not?

A: The retailor finance product doesn’t require to from the approved employer list.


Q: How can I apply for financing of purchases?

A: You can apply for purchases financing by contacting your favorite store, and asking him for EMKAN FINANCING, they will share with you the process.


Q. What is purchase financing?

A. A financing product for financing customers’ purchases in monthly installments from our merchant partners by providing purchase vouchers with the value of the financing amount to be used by the customer at the merchant, either through the online store or commercial branches..


Q. Is Emkan a licensed financing company?

A. Emkan is a licensed financing company by SAMA, Emkan’s license number is:



Q. Is there a profit rate?

A. Correct, there’s a profit rate.


Q. How can I process my request?

A. The Customers will use the digital channel (the website) to apply for financing, and an immediate credit decision will be made based on the information provided by the costumer, the personal file and the customer’s credit record. In the case of interpolation, the costumers will receive instant approval and are electronically signing the contract

Q. Is the online application safe and secure?

A. Yes, Emkan finance follows the best practices in the market, and the user journey and the entire customer’s information is very secure as per SAMA requirements.


Q. How do I know if I am eligible?

A. If you are not currently working or your monthly obligations are higher than the maximum permissible monthly deduction percentage, we cannot process your request.


Duration of work: For Saudis 3 months.

Non-Saudis 12 months Nationality (Saudi – Non Saudi).

The sector (government – semi-government – private sector – retirees).

Amount Due: Based on salary and credit obligations.

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