User Rights & Responsibilities

User Rights:

  • The right to know the details of service prices and features, restrictions or exceptions to the usage, or any penalties that will be applied when these restrictions or exclusions are violated.
  • The right to obtain the service as agreed upon in the subscription contract, and in a manner that does not violate the Commission’s regulations.
  • The right to obtain an electronic copy of the service subscription contract, and the customer may take a copy of it at any time upon his/her request; Taking into consideration the retention period.
  • The right to obtain evidence of any payment paid to the service provider, with details about the type of paid service, the amount and date of payment.
  • The right to obtain the service in all service providers outlets, and not to limit the services to specific outlets.
  • The customers’ right of his information and communications confidentiality; it’s not permitted to be accessed, listened to, or recorded.
  • The right to have clear, correct and detailed invoices on a regular basis, free of charge; to be sent to the customer electronically, either in Arabic or English, as he/she chooses.
  • The right to have a credit limit for the service; documented in the service subscription contract, and in the monthly invoice.
  • The right to request a credit limit reduction; but not to be less than the minimum value of the package, and it should not be increased without the customer request.
  • The right that invoice total amount does not exceed the credit limit; except the last call before reaching the credit limit, international roaming, not more than 10% of the credit limit, if the customer requested to reconnect of service.
  • The right to transfer a mobile number from service provider to another, according to the procedures and obligations of the Number Transfer.
  • The right to service continuity, without cancellation or suspending: except by a legal request.
  • The right to obtain proof of service cancellation request. And not to charge any fees after the date of the cancellation request is submitted.
  • The right to return any amounts owed to the customer by the service provider, within (10) days at most from the date of the user’s request or discovery if the customer requests to transfer the amounts to his/her bank account, or within (5) five days at most if the customer requests to add them to any account that belongs to him/her with the service provider.
  • The right to request suspension of service for a period not exceeding (12) twelve months; and the customer shall pay the recurring fees for this period.
  • The right not to have service charges estimated during an interruption period for which the service provider is responsible.
  • The right to complain to the service provider, through all available channels whether electronic, by telephone or in person; and obtain a complaint reference number.
  • The right not to be asked to pay the amount, which the customer complained about during the allowed duration. Until his complaint is solved, the service should not be suspended or canceled during the complaint investigation period.
  • The right to solve customer`s complaint by the service provider within (5) days from the date of submitting the complaint.
  • The right to escalate the complaint to CITC, if the service provider did not solve the complaint in the allowed period or if the customer was not satisfied with the proposed solution.

User Responsibilities:

  • To review the terms and conditions of the service carefully before subscription.
  • To comply with the service terms and conditions; and to avoid the misuse of telecom services: such as conducting calls that violate the rules and regulations of conduct or that lead to threats or disturbance.
  • To be responsible for all the numbers registered under the customer`s name and bear all required obligations accordingly.
  • Check the validity of the invoice related to the services at the time of issue, adherence to the allowed period to complain regarding the validity of the invoice, by submitting the complaint within 60 days from the date of issuing the invoice subject of the objection.
  • Pay due amounts to service provider within the specified periods in the invoice, in order to avoid suspension or cancellation of service.
  • Follow instructions provided by service provider regarding using the service during international roaming, in order to avoid the high amount invoice.
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